Abstract submission guidelines

A contributor in the workshop may be a single author of only one paper, and may be the co-author of two additional papers. Submitted abstracts of max 500 words (one page) will be reviewed in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Significance: Does this study address an important problem?
  2. Innovation: Does the study employ novel concepts and aims or original methods?
  3. Approach: Are the conceptual frameworks, designs, methods, and analyses adequate?
  4. Usefulness: How can the research objectives benefit the respective scientific area?
  1. Clarity: How clear and well-organized is the presentation?

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Paper submission guidelines

The length of the paper should be four (4) pages. The margins of the document, i.e. File>Page Setup>margins, are Top 5 cm, Bottom 5,5 cm, Left 4,5 cm and Right 5,5 cm in an A4 paper size, Header 4,2 cm and Footer 4,7.

Author’s kit

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