General Chair
Antonis Botinis

Deputy Chair
Ana Isabel Mata

Keynote Speakers
Paolo Canettieri, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Bart Geurts, Radboud University, Netherlands
Jonathan Harrington, University of Munich, Germany
Caroline Heycock, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Jon Sprouse, University of Connecticut, USA
Marc Swerts, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

International Advisory Committee
Marios Fourakis, University of Maryland, USA
Philippe Martin, Paris University Diderot, France
Oliver Niebuhr, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
Pavel Skrelin, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia
Charalambos Themistocleous, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Irene Vogel, University of Delaware, USA
Petra Wagner, Bielefeld University, Germany
Yi Xu, University College London, UK

Organising Committee
João Dionísio, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Paula Luegi, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Rui Marques, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Helena Moniz, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Fernanda Pratas, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal


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Important Dates

01 July 2019
Deadline of preliminary paper submission

10 July 2019
Notification of review

15 July 2019
Deadline for grant application

20 July 2019
Notification of grant application

25 July 2019
Deadline for online registration

01 August 2019
Deadline for paper submission

01 September 2019
ExLing 2019 programme

15 September 2019
ExLing 2019 proceedings

25-27 September 2019
ExLing 2019 Workshop